By Debbie Lemhouse

We are proud to announce the first pin in our new series for the 58th Scandinavian Festival; a membership pin that focuses on a dancing couple from Denmark. Each subsequent pin will spotlight a different dancing couple in costumes representative of the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The series will also include a 60th anniversary pin with the distinctive Junction City dancing couple emblem.

This year’s pin focuses on Denmark. Denmark being the first chosen because the Danish community in Junction City was the inspiration for the start of the first Junction City Scandinavian Festival.

The couple featured are wearing a costumes from the region of Midtjyland but from different municipalities. The woman’s costume is from the Municipality of Holstebro. It has a red and black striped bodice with a red striped skirt and a red scarf. She is also wearing a tan apron, red blouse and a white cap. The man’s costume is from the Randers Municipality. He is wearing a red vest, creme pants, white shirt and red sock garters.

The couple are depicted dancing the step-hop while holding hands in the back basket position. Danish folk dances will commonly include the waltz, polka, polska and hopsa. Most of these are couple dances done in a circle rather than single dancers in a line and many were multi couple dances. Many of these dances started during the time period of 1750 – 1850’s. Dancing was a social event done as a way of socializing, celebrating and courting.Membership2018Pin

The pin is white with black lettering. The word “Denmark” is in a scroll at the top of the pin and the words “Junction City Scandinavian Festival 2018” is at the bottom.

A special thank-you to Jeanne Simpson who was our artist on this project! She did an awesome job with the costumes on the dancers!

These membership pins will be available for purchase at the Windmill during the Scandinavian Festival or through our website’s membership tab.