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Children’s Dance Schedule

In 2018, children’s dance practice will take place on Monday evenings starting at 6pm. Each group practices for 30 minutes, starting with the 2-5-year-olds at 6pm. The 1st-3rd graders go next, at 6:30pm. Each age group follows from there, in order from youngest to oldest. There is a water fountain and bathroom on-site, as well  Continue Reading »

Festival Membership Pin 2018

By Debbie Lemhouse We are proud to announce the first pin in our new series for the 58th Scandinavian Festival; a membership pin that focuses on a dancing couple from Denmark. Each subsequent pin will spotlight a different dancing couple in costumes representative of the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The series  Continue Reading »

Danish Troubadour

Danish Troubadour

Flemming Oppenhagen Behrend, Danish Troubadour By Debbie Lemhouse The definition of a troubadour is someone who is a composer and performer. This describes Flemming quite well as he both composes his own music and plays the guitar! Flemming started playing folk music at the age of 15 and was inspired by folk singers like Donovan  Continue Reading »

Kupalo Dance Group

Kupalo Ukrainian Dance Ensemble By Debbie Lemhouse Impressive. Amazing. Awesome. These are all words that describe the incredible performance group from Canada: Kupalo. These excellent dancers are coming to our Festival to perform twice daily on the Festival Park Stage. The group consists of 16 dancers ranging in age from 14 – 19 years. They  Continue Reading »

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