What it does: Your membership helps provide benefits to many age groups, especially our young people that participate in the year-round dance groups, summer dance groups, pageant and trolls.  At a time when the schools have cut back on extracurricular activities, the Festival allows students to perform both on and off stage.  Approximately 250 kids are involved with the Festival, between the ages of 3 and 18.  It keeps them involved in the community as well as gives them wonderful memories to pass on to their children someday.

Beneficiaries: The Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, FFA, Church Groups and Sports Teams benefit financially for their work during the Festival.  The Scandinavian Festival also sponsors the St. Lucia Scholarship.  These young people are the future leaders and business owners of Junction City.

What you get: For your membership, your family’s name will appear in the Festival Magazine and on our website.  You will also receive a special Scandinavian membership pin.

How to apply: To apply please go to our contact page and select “I am applying for membership” as what describes you.  Someone will then be in touch with you shortly to provide the relevant information.

Current Members


We would like to thank all of our members.  Your support helps improve the Scandinavian Festival in more ways than you know.



Ven – Individual Members

  • Lucy Barrett
  • Wayne Blankenship
  • Ellen Costello
  • Amelia Githens*
  • Christie Githens*
  • Amey Herman
  • AshlyAnn Lemhouse
  • Blaze Lemhouse
  • Krystal Lemhouse
  • Rod Lemhouse
  • Jean Payne
  • Linda Peterson
  • Mary Ann Roos
  • Sue Scott
  • Lillian Vaughan
  • Kathy Wiggins (In Memory Of)



Familie – Family Memberships

  • Lyle & Vivian Ang
  • Alec & Elizabeth Byrd
  • Seth , Amanda & Alyssa Davis*
  • Chris, Jilena & Callen Dotson*
  • Jerred, Amber & Audrianna Flohr
  • Kristina & Blake Holten & Family
  • Brad & Debbie Lemhouse*
  • Brett & Laura Lemhouse
  • Jad & Sherri, Jack, Carl & Celia Lemhouse
  • Jason, Rebecca, & Oliver MacDonald
  • Mathew Nelson & Family
  • Don & Carol Nielsen
  • Carl & Taryl Perry*
  • Paul & Amelia Reesman
  • Amber Riggs
  • Courtney Perry & Graham Steffen*
  • Judy Piercy & Keith Miller
  • Russ & Marla Weber
  • Jon & Tamryn Weber & Family
  • Richard & Sandy Wiese
  • David & Melany Vaughan
  • Matthew & Cassie Wicks & Family



Garant – Sponsor Memberships

  • Alice Blankenship
  • Mike Curley
  • Ellie Dumdi & Gerry Moshofsky
  • Sue Huntley
  • Jim & Nancy Matthews*
  • Daughters of Norway AMW
  • Desiree Omdal

Donator- Donor Memberships

  • Dottie Chase
  • Philip, Megan & Sarah Peterson



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Virksomhed – Business Memberships

  • Benton-Lane Winery
  • Farmview Park
  • Junction City Farm & Garden

Velynder- Patron Memberships

  • Noodle House