2018 Scandinavian Festival dates are August 9th-12th

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Festival Membership Pin 2018

March 13th, 2018 by amanda

By Debbie Lemhouse

We are proud to announce the first pin in our new series for the 58th Scandinavian Festival; a membership pin that focuses on a dancing couple from Denmark. Each subsequent pin will spotlight a different dancing couple in costumes representative of the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The series will also include a 60th anniversary pin with the distinctive Junction City dancing couple emblem. Read more…

Kupalo Dance Group

August 9th, 2017 by amanda

Kupalo Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

By Debbie Lemhouse

Impressive. Amazing. Awesome. These are all words that describe the incredible performance group from Canada: Kupalo. These excellent dancers are coming to our Festival to perform twice daily on the Festival Park Stage. The group consists of 16 dancers ranging in age from 14 – 19 years. They are all from the Edmonton, Alberta area. The group was established in 1982, under the St. Basil’s Language Arts Society in Edmonton, Alberta. The Kupalo Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has fostered the love of Ukrainian dance and provide its members with a high degree of technical training in Ukrainian Canadian dance. Read more…

Children’s Dance Schedule

July 8th, 2017 by amanda

To all the parents of our children’s dance groups, there has been a change in this year’s performance schedule.

On Sunday of the Festival the evening children’s performance has changed this year from a 5:30 performance time to a 5:00 performance time.

The change has been made to the daily schedule as well to reflect the new performance time.

For any questions that may come up, please feel free to email at jcscandiafest@hotmail.com and don’t forget to check in on our facebook page.

A huge thank you to all the parents who bring their kiddos out to dance!

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