2014 Scandinavian Festival dates are August 7th-10th

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Troll Naming Contest

April 9th, 2014 by amanda

Do you have a child(ren) who love to write? If so we are looking for some great young writers with fun imaginations to help us name our trolls! Read more…

Scandinavian Folklore: Trolls

April 9th, 2014 by amanda

By: Amelia Githens


Scandinavian folklore is filled with tales of Vikings, Dwarves, Elves and assorted Fairie folk, but the most popular tales are those told about Trolls.

Trolls are described as being of any size, great or small, and of having one characteristic in common; they are very ugly, with small, beady eyes and large, bumpy noses. Their ears are mostly large and floppy and dirty enough to grow rutabagas in. They are also not too careful about brushing their snaggly teeth. Read more…

The Legend of St. Lucia and the Festival of Lights

December 2nd, 2013 by amanda

The festival of Saint Lucia begins before dawn, on the thirteenth of December, which under the old Julian calendar was Christmas Day and the longest night of the year. Throughout Sweden, the eldest daughter in each household, the Lucia Bride, comes to her sleeping parents, dressed in a long white gown tied with a red sash. She wears a crown of lingonberry leaves in which are set seven lighted candles. In her hands she carries a tray of steaming hot coffee and Lucia Buns. The procession includes her sisters and brothers also dressed in white, holding lighted candles, and singing of the light and joy of Christmas. Awakened by the lights and the singing, the parents arise and eat the breakfast served, thus ushering in the Christmas season. Read more…

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